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                                                                                 HOW THE VARIOUS GARAGE DOOR MECHANISMS WORK

          Canopy lifting gear leaves around one third of the garage door protruding from the front of the garage when the door is open
          (forming a canopy). This has tradionally been the most popular type of lifting gear in the UK as it can be installed
          quickly with all fixings made only on the frame. A spring above the garage door provides the tension needed to help the
          garage door open and close.
          Note: The retractable and optimizer options are better suited to remote controlled automation.  
          Retractable or tracked lifting gear uses horizontal tracks to support the garage door in the open position
          it has the ideal opening mechanics for remote control electric operation and is the standard lifting gear
          for double sized garage doors. Typically, tracked gear takes slightly longer to install as the tracks must be
          secured to a suitable wall or ceiling joist inside the garage.
          The door opens into the garage along horizontal tracks and the side springs allow the garage door to open
          and close smoothly.
          Optimizer lifting gear fits entirely to the garage door frame and incorporates tracks on the garage doors itself so
          there is no need to support the horizontal tracks in the garage therefore this unique lifting gear gives more drive
          through width and is ideally suited for remote control electric operation

            Our precision engineered Sectional garage doors are made up of panels which rise vertically then 
            glide horizontally into the garage. 
            The horizontal tracks like the tracked garage doors need to be securley fixed to either the side wall or ceiling.
            These sectional garage doors come complete with their own steel frame  and are securely fixed to the brickwork
            and can be fitted either within or behind the brickwork opening. These sectional garage doors are ideally suited
            for remote controlled operation.           
           Roller garage doors are designed to fit behind the brickwork opening and to overlap the brickwork slightly in width.
           These roller garage doors have a vertical steel guide channel and the polyglide running strip allows effortless
           operation with minimal friction. The roller curtain rolls up around a hard wearing nylon drum wheel which has an
           internal  spring mechanism ensuring smooth opening and closing. These roller garage doors can be easily automated.
           Insulated roller garage doors can be fitted within the opening and come automated as standard.   
           Side hinged garage doors are pre-framed and open outwards with the lock on the right when viewed from the outside, left 
           hand opening is available as an option. A security and draft pack with three point locking for the active leaf is 
           available as an optional extra.    
           Side-Hung garage doors can also open inwards.
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